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The Power of Community

There’s a beautiful sense of fellowship that develops as you read through Acts 2: Not only were they devoted to God but also to one another. Being together was a priority. They gathered at the Temple and in their homes, sharing meals and worshipping together, until every part of their lives was sacred. Relationship was not confined to a building; community was a way of life, and as a result, no one among them was in need. Joy and miracles abounded, and new believers were added to their number every day.

This might feel far removed from your present reality, but this lifestyle of holy togetherness wasn’t just for the early Church–it’s also for now.

The example of Acts 2 is meant to be our norm, our lived experience. And so we eagerly invite you to participate in it with us.

The Devoted Community is a place for women to know and be known, a place to belong, a place where you are part of something both unimaginably expansive and wondrously intimate: the family of God.

What's Inside?

We’re committed to creating opportunities for real and meaningful connections, as well as for discipleship and growth, within a safe and faith-filled space.

Within our community you will find:
· Bible reading plans
· Prayer threads and small groups
· Dedicated mentors and monthly lives with Aimée and Emily
· Exclusive content and topical modules
· Believers seeking the heart of God—just like you

Who is it for?

If you are hungry and thirsty for more of Jesus…
If you desire to go deeper in your faith…
If you want to take hold of all the promises of God…
If you long to enjoy Him all the days of your life…
If you are looking for other women who feel the same…

...then The Devoted Community is for you.

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