The Devoted Community
The Devoted Community

Welcome to The Devoted Community

We help women live a life of wholehearted devotion to God

Have you ever?

wished your faith made more of a difference to your everyday life?

opened your Bible and yearned to experience the things you read about?

longed for something MORE?

We believe salvation is just the beginning. . .

Our mission at The Devoted Collective is to help you move into the ‘MORE’ of God.

We believe that salvation is just the beginning of a life-long adventure of transformation and discovery. One in which God wants to do superabundantly more than you’ve dared to imagine possible in and through you, all to His glory. He wants you to know ever increasing peace, joy, strength, hope, purpose, and love–even and especially in the hard realities of living in this world.

And the key to experiencing the superabundantly more is found in a single word: DEVOTION. 

Now before you start to feel the heavy burden of self-effort, yes, devotion is about your posture towards God, but more than that, it’s about His posture towards you and the empowering work of Holy Spirit within you. Because the life of wholehearted devotion is the life of shalom. It is God's gift to us–His personal peace and wholeness permeating the totality of our lives, enabling us to experience every good and perfect gift that He has for us.

Tell me MORE!

The Devoted Community is an intentional discipleship hub for women away from the busyness and stress of social media. It will equip, empower, and release you into all that God has for you and help you build a resilient relationship with your God.

Inside, you will find a company of women cheering you on to go deeper with God, and a toolkit of resources to help you grow in faith.

We want to see you drawn closer to the Father's heart and experience everything He has for you.

What's inside?

Depth & Growth

  • Bible Reading plans

  • Interviews & Teaching videos

  • Discipleship modules

  • Monthly live coffee and chats with Hosts Elim accredited Pastor Aimée Walker and Go + Tell Gals Certified Coach and Pastor, Em Tyler on the issues that matter to you


  • Small group options

  • Online community of like-minded women

  • An exclusive, private space away from social media to be real and go deep

  • Prayer threads

Exclusive Content

  • Free access to our digital courses

  • Downloadable study guides & journals

  • Engaging & encouraging videos to keep you moving forward

  • Access to our content library of all past studies, modules, and more!

Who's it for?

If you are hungry and thirsty for more of Jesus. . .
If you desire to go deeper in your faith. . .
If you want to take hold of all the promises of God. . .
If you yearn for your faith to make a difference every day. . .
If you long to enjoy Him all the days of your life. . .
If you are looking for others who feel the same. . .

. . .then The Devoted Community is for you.

Let’s go deeper.
Let's go all in.

Let's pursue the MORE of God together!